Don’t judge us because of these people


One drunken Irish man can give the Irish a bad name. One ghetto black man can give blacks a bad name. One killer of the Islamic faith can give Islam a bad name. The same can be said for those who wear a mustache. A small minority can make the majority look bad.  

Today it seems less and fewer people are wearing the Mustache. Years ago men proudly wore these. Actors, athletes and scientists were proud to show the Mustache off. Now the Mustache is frowned upon. I have a feeling this is due to what has taken place the past 50 years. But my friends, don’t judge us on how a small minority have disgraced the Mustache. Look beyond the few and remember all the good the Mustache has done. 


Saddam does not stand for what real Mustache wearers stand for. We do not support people of this nature. 


Hitler has at least put the Mustache back 50 years. Thanks to his racism, millions are now racist against the Mustache. 


Stalin, not what a true man with a Mustache stands for.

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