When the NFL was a league of men – The Mustache Era (1970’s)

How many flags are thrown these days in the NFL? Hit a QB and bam, a flag is thrown. Push a WR and bam, a flag is thrown. The NFL is no longer a league of tough men, but a league of overpaid sissies.

Take Hall of Famer Dick Butkus for example. He was voted the NFL’s most feared player in 1970. He was also the most feared man with a Mustache.

“Mean” Joe Green. Four-time Super Bowl champion, 10-time Pro Bowler and NFL/Mustache Hall of Famer.

Joe Namath, a ladies man who could lead teams to championships while wearing women stockings. But did it best while sporting a Mustache.

His blond Mustache may be hard to see, but Jack Lambert tackles were even harder to see since normally the man taking the hit was out cold.

I know this picture was taking either in 1984 or 1985, but Walter “Sweetness” Payton started playing in the 1970’s where his Mustache and legs hammered NFL defensive players.

In 1978 Pro Bowl kicker Nick Lowery entered the NFL. Today as he still ranks 8th in all-time points scored, his Mustache also ranks very high among NFL greats who sported the Mustache.

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