The Good, the Bad and the Mustache

It seems in Hollywood that the Mustache had almost died out. There was a time that actors proudly wore the true symbol of America, the Mustache. Sadly these days are gone.

(Clint Eastwood, the “Man with No Name” shows off his peach fuzz Mustache as he played the “Good” in the 1968 Western Classic, “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly)

Eastwood has always been known as a tough-guy. But let’s be honest, he did it best pictured above with facial hair, case closed.

(“The Bad” played by Lee Van Cleef, known for over 60 Hollywood roles and one “Bad” ass Mustache)

Lee Van Cleef was never a leading man. He normally took roles as bad guys due to his tall height and mean looking eyes. The above picture was his character known as “Angel Eyes” who murdered men, children and beat hookers.

(Eli Wallach playing his most famous role, “The Ugly”)

Eli Wallach played in nearly 80 films but to this day is known best for his role of “Tuco”.

Of course this great movie was directed by Sergio Leone who of course, wore a Mustache.

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