Mustache actor Tom Selleck makes comeback

There is a downside to news that Tom Selleck‘s new CBS series “Blue Bloods” is hitting the TV schedule this fall — it’s going to be tough traveling from here on in.

“The only problem is I have to commute to New York,” Selleck tells PopcornBiz. “But we’re on the air and we’re thrilled about it.”

It’s a welcome return to regular television for the “Magnum” icon who is suddenly hot again. The new series features a stellar cast including Donnie Wahlberg and Bridget Moynahan as a “three generational family of New York cops,” says Selleck.

“My father was a police chief a couple of terms ago, I play a New York City police chief,” says Selleck. “And both my sons are cops. My daughter is a prosecuting attorney.”

“It’s an adult drama about a family of Irish cops,” he adds. “It’s character-driven and there’s not much of that on television these days. But it tested really well.”

“And it’s a really good group of good actors.”

Selleck is also appearing as Ashton Kutcher‘s very serious father-in-law in the romantic comedy “Killers” which opens June 4. He says that the influx of work means “I have a few problems, but they are all good.” A crowded work schedule will bring that.

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