Robert Duran – one hell of a punch and a even better Mustache

Called “Manos de Piedra”-the man with “hands of stone” by his contemporaries, Duran was one of the greatest fighters the ring ever saw. Often over-shadowed at his peak because he fought in the Ali era, he was nonetheless, perhaps the greatest fighter of his time. He was nearly unbeatable for 13 years reaching a peak record of 71-1 with 56 knockouts, during which time he reigned undefeated as world lightweight champion and also won the world welterweight title. He made 12 successful defenses of the lightweight championship. Duran was known as a strong puncher, but he was also a smart boxer taking apart any opponent who dared to stare into his baleful eyes. A fine technician Duran would move his head, slip punches, stay in punching position, feint and counter with deadly accuracy. Perhaps the best fighter since Robinson at his peak and some would say better.

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