When rock Music was rock Music – 1960-1970 Mustache Era

Music today sucks. Nobody is original these days. Lady Gaga, a Madonna and David Bowie rip-off is considered “cool”. Nickleback, a horrible rip-off of grunge music are considered rock stars.

There was an era in rock music where the music was good. And behind that great music was the Mustache. The Mustache was as much a part of rock n’ roll as their loud sound, guitar and groupies. Once the Mustache faded rock n’ roll died. The day the music died was the day the Mustache died.

(Cream, one of the forefathers of hard rock music, showing off their Mustache; also the band that made Mustache icon Eric Clapton famous)

(John Bonham of Led Zeppelin, one of rock’s best drummers and Mustache wearers)

(maybe the best known rock band in history, the Beatles sold out shows while all wearing the Mustache)

(Tommy Iommi of Black Sabbath and early “god” of heavy metal, and “god” of the Mustache)

(Santana proves that a long career depends on always keeping a well-groomed Mustache)

(Classic southern rock band, the Allman Brothers, prove that two Mustaches are better than one, three better than two, that four is better than three and yes, five is even better)

(Guitar icon Jimi Hendrix proves that the black man can rock while wearing the Mustache also)

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