Pro Sports Coaches and Managers – Mustaches equal Championships

Phil Jackson is known as the “Zen Master”. He should be renamed “The Mustache Master”. Jackson along with his Mustache has led the Bulls and Lakers to 10 NBA Championships, a record.

Jim Leyland started with Pittsburgh where he took the Pirates to three straight National League Championship games, 1990-1992. He then guided the Florida Marlins to the World Series in 1997. After that he guided the Detroit Tigers to the 2006 American League Pennant. He may manager different teams but the Mustache is always there.

A former Hall of Fame Tight End, Mike Ditka gave coaching a shot in 1982. It only took Ditka and the Mustache three years to win a Super Bowl. He then led the Bears to three more division titles from 1986-1988.

Know for his temper and Mustache,  Billy Martin may be the best baseball manager not in the Hall of Fame. He and his classic Mustache not only gave umpires an earful in 1977, but his New York Yankees dominated  baseball by winning the World Series.   

Bill Cowher revived the Pittsburgh Steelers into the powerhouse it once was during the 1970’s. His Mustache and coaching skills baffled opponents by winning eight division titles and winning one Super Bowl.

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